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​​​​List of accepted papers.

AR Class Note : Augmented Reality based Remote Education Solution with Tag Recognition and Shared Hand-written Note

(Joonhyun Choi, Boram Yoon, Choongho Jung, Woontack Woo)
South Korea

Setting up virtual reality and augmented reality learning environment in Unity

(Vinh Nguyen, Tommy Dang)

BoostHand : Distance-free Object Manipulation System with Switchable Non-linear Mapping for Augmented Reality Classrooms

(Whie Jung, Woojin Cho, Hayun Kim, Woontack Woo)
South Korea

Daily Living Skills Training in Virtual Reality to Help Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in a Real Shopping Scenario

(Ali Adjorlu, Emil Rosenlund Høeg, Luca Mangano, Stefania Serafin)

Improving the immersion in Virtual Reality With real-time Avatar and Haptic feedback in a cricket simulation

(Lionel Jayaraj, James Wood, Marcia Gibson)        
United Kingdom